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Spiritual Warfare with COL Dave Grossman

Spiritual Warfare with COL Dave Grossman


🎙️ Podcast Show Notes - Christian Warrior Training: Embracing Spiritual Warfare

Host: Keith Graves

Guest: Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman, Retired US Army

Episode Title: The Call to Spiritual Warfare

🕒 Timestamps:

  • [00:00:00] - Introduction by Keith Graves

    • Keith introduces the podcast and guest Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman, discussing his military background and focus on spiritual warfare.

  • [00:00:53] - Opening Prayer

    • Lt. Col. Grossman starts with a prayer emphasizing the power and necessity of communal prayer for spiritual strength.

  • [00:01:33] - Spiritual Warfare and Its Significance

    • Discussion on the purpose of spiritual warfare as viewed through the teachings of Christianity, emphasizing the idea of saving souls rather than defeating enemies.

  • [00:10:15] - The Armor of God and Prayer as a Weapon

    • Grossman details the "Armor of God" from Ephesians, highlighting prayer as the most crucial tool, akin to a radio calling for divine intervention on the battlefield.

  • [00:16:03] - Incorporating Faith in Law Enforcement

    • Keith reflects on how Grossman’s teachings integrate spiritual well-being with law enforcement training, addressing the unique challenges faced by officers.

  • [00:17:14] - Handling Weapons and Faith

    • A deep dive into the biblical perspective on self-defense and carrying weapons, with reference to scriptural passages and current societal challenges.

  • [00:22:02] - Media Influence on Violence and Spiritual Battles

    • Grossman criticizes the media’s role in glorifying violence and the impact of violent video games, tying these issues back to broader spiritual warfare.

  • [00:34:18] - Church Security and the Role of Armed Protection

    • The necessity of preparedness in church communities, discussing strategies for effective security measures that align with spiritual duties.

  • [00:42:03] - Training for Church Security Teams

    • Practical advice for churches on establishing security protocols, including training and armament considerations.

  • [00:49:24] - Closing Thoughts and Reflections

    • Grossman summarizes the discussion, emphasizing the spiritual mandate to protect the faithful and be prepared for adversities.

🎯 Key Insights & Quotes:

  • "In spiritual warfare, we win by saving them." - Lt. Col. Grossman

  • "Prayer is our primary weapon." - Discussing the power and necessity of prayer in spiritual warfare.

  • "The media has declared open season on cops." - On the negative impact of media portrayal of law enforcement.

  • "You are the weapon. Everything else is just a tool." - Emphasizing personal responsibility and integrity in carrying arms.

📚 Recommended Resources:

  • Books by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman:

    • On Killing, On Combat, and On Spiritual Warfare - Explore the psychological and spiritual aspects of combat and personal defense.

    • Bulletproof Marriage: 90 Day Devotional - A guide to strengthening marriages through spiritual growth and understanding.

🙏 Closing Prayer:

"May our discussions lead us to a deeper understanding of our roles as protectors and warriors in a spiritual battleground, equipped not just with arms, but with faith, prayer, and love." - Host closing remarks.

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Securing the Sanctuary-Christian Warrior Training
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