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Priorities During an Active Shooter

Priorities During an Active Shooter


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Host: Keith Graves
Duration: 13:27
Release Date: 5/16/2024

Episode Overview: In this thought-provoking episode, Keith Graves delves into the critical topic of church security, particularly during active shooter scenarios. With over 30 years of law enforcement experience, Keith shares his expertise on prioritizing safety within a church environment, emphasizing a strategic and proactive approach to dealing with potential threats.

Key Points:

  • [00:00:00] Introduction to church safety priorities.

  • [00:00:40] The importance of engaging an active shooter directly to prevent further harm.

  • [00:01:45] Misconceptions about security priorities during an active shooter event.

  • [00:02:36] 'Priority of Life' concept explained with its application in law enforcement and church safety.

  • [00:03:00] The necessity of tactical response to active shooters.

  • [00:03:49] Strategic placement of safety team members and the use of technology in church security.

  • [00:06:22] Real-life examples of effective church security measures.

  • [00:07:53] Emphasis on regular training and the importance of drills in preparedness.

  • [00:10:31] Coordination with local law enforcement and training quality.

  • [00:11:10] Engaging and educating the congregation about their role during emergencies.

  • [00:12:20] Reevaluating safety priorities to maximize effectiveness.

  • [00:13:01] Invitation for listener feedback and offering free training resources.

Notable Quote: "Your priority should be finding that active shooter, engaging them, and stopping them from their killing spree, not just rushing to protect specific groups. The safety of every individual at your church is your first priority." — Keith Graves

Resources Mentioned:

Listener Engagement: Keith invites listeners to share their thoughts and experiences regarding church safety. Feedback can be left in the comments section or sent directly through the podcast platform.

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Securing the Sanctuary-Christian Warrior Training
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