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Holster Selection for Church Security Teams

Holster Selection for Church Security Teams


Introducing Security the Sanctuary Podcast. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to devote to it, but let’s give it a try. Let me know in the comments what you think. It’ll be on spotify shortly. In this episode, I’m continuing my talk from my youtube video on holster selection. I’ll go more in depth and answer some questions you all had. In the comments, leave topics you want covered.

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Podcast Show Notes for "Christian Warrior Training: Securing the Sanctuary"

Episode Title: Holster Selection for Church Security Teams

Host: Keith GravesDuration: 14:39

Release Date: 4-21-24

Episode Overview:

In this foundational episode of "Christian Warrior Training: Securing the Sanctuary," Keith Graves discusses the vital role of holster selection in enhancing the safety and efficacy of church security teams. Keith explores different holster security levels, shares personal experiences, and provides recommendations tailored for those tasked with safeguarding congregational environments.


[00:00:00] - Introduction to the podcast and the importance of holster selection for church security

[00:01:01] - Discussion on Level 1 Holsters and their limitations

[00:02:06] - Why Level 1 Holsters are inadequate for church security

[00:02:29] - Introduction to Level 2 Holsters

[00:03:20] - Keith's personal encounter with holster failure

[00:03:56] - The necessity of Level 3 Holsters for open carry and uniformed assignments

[00:05:19] - Real-world demonstration outcomes from YouTube video analysis

[00:06:25] - Combatting the misconception that physical altercations won't displace a firearm

[00:07:30] - Listener Q&A: Leather vs. Kydex holsters

[00:08:36] - Challenges of concealed carry in church security

[00:09:11] - Dressing for holster and weapon concealment

[00:10:08] - Adapting to environmental factors like the Texas heat

[00:10:37] - Introduction of the Church Security Threat Level System

Key Points:

Holster Security Levels Explained:

Level 1 Holsters: Provide the quickest draw but the least security, suitable for civilians in low-risk environments, not recommended for security personnel due to high risk of weapon loss.

Level 2 Holsters: Require two distinct hand motions to release the firearm, offering a balance between accessibility and retention, recommended minimum for church security.

Level 3 Holsters: Involve three distinct hand motions, provide maximum security, and are essential for open carry situations in high-risk environments.

Personal Anecdote:

Keith recounts a harrowing experience where a Level 2 holster failed during a physical altercation, emphasizing the importance of holster selection based on the specific needs and risks of the environment.

Training and Proficiency:

Regardless of the holster level, regular and rigorous training is crucial to ensure that security personnel can access their firearms swiftly and securely.

Environmental Considerations:

Adapting holster and clothing choices to accommodate environmental conditions (like the Texas heat) and operational needs (concealment vs. open carry) is vital for effectiveness and safety.

Listener Q&A Highlights:

Leather vs. Kydex: Preferences vary, but the key is the security level of the holster rather than the material.

Concealment Challenges: It's critical to choose gear and attire that support quick, unhindered access to the firearm while maintaining concealment and comfort.

Church Security Threat Level System:

Keith introduces a threat level system inspired by homeland security measures to help church security teams assess and respond to varying degrees of risk based on current intelligence and events.

Current Threat Level: ElevatedImplications: Active patrolling required, along with regular emergency drills and limited points of entry during large gatherings.

Closing Thoughts:

Keith emphasizes the "ABCs" of church security—Always Be Caring—and invites feedback on the new podcast series. Listeners are encouraged to submit topics and questions for future episodes to deepen community engagement and provide targeted content.

Connect with the Host:

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