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Worship Team vs. Safety Team: The Vetting Discrepancy

Worship Team vs. Safety Team: The Vetting Discrepancy

Rethinking Vetting Processes for Church Security Teams

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Episode Summary

Welcome to another episode of Securing the Sanctuary, the podcast dedicated to empowering and equipping church safety teams. In this episode, host Keith Graves, a 30-year police veteran with extensive SWAT experience, dives into a critical issue: the discrepancies in vetting processes between church worship teams and safety teams. Keith compares the rigorous selection process for worship team members with the often lax standards for safety team members, highlighting the potential dangers this poses to church security. He also discusses the case of George Walters, a church safety team member convicted of murder, to underline the importance of thorough vetting and continuous training.

Key Takeaways

  • Vetting Discrepancies: Worship teams undergo stringent auditions and continuous evaluations, while safety teams often accept members based on minimal criteria such as possessing a CCW or being former law enforcement.

  • Case Study - George Walters: The episode discusses the fatal incident involving George Walters, a church safety team member, to emphasize the need for thorough vetting and training.

  • Recommendations: Keith recommends implementing formal vetting processes, including interviews, background checks, and regular training for safety team members.

  • Training Comparison: Worship teams often practice several times a week, whereas safety teams might train only a few hours a month, highlighting the need for more frequent and rigorous training for safety teams.


  • [00:00:01] – Introduction to the podcast and host

  • [00:01:03] – Comparison between worship team and safety team vetting processes

  • [00:03:49] – Importance of continuous evaluation and training for worship teams

  • [00:06:08] – Case study: George Walters and the fatal shooting incident

  • [00:09:16] – Need for formal vetting processes in safety team selection

  • [00:12:20] – Decision-making scenarios for safety team interviews

  • [00:13:31] – Importance of background checks and regular training

  • [00:14:34] – Call to action: Reevaluate your safety team selection process

Notable Quotes

  • "It's harder to get on the team that plays music and sings to you than it is to get on the team with the people that carry guns and are there to stop an active shooter."

  • "We should have harsher, more stringent training and requirements for safety teams."

  • "My challenge to you is that you train more and rehearse more than the worship ministry."


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