Technical Tip with Bombings: ALWAYS screen for secondary and tertiary explosive devices when responding to bombings. Bombings get attention. If additional IEDs can be placed to kill or injure responders and witnesses. If there was one explosive device ALWAYS presume # 2 and #3 are present.

Look up in trees, at vehicles that are not normally present. Look for wires, batteries, antennas that are in places where they should not be. If there are trees, look up. Visually scan from "right to left" (We read from left to right and our brains will "fill in the blanks" if we are looking from "left to right."

Stay alert and observant. The increased Hamas Protest activities will bleed over from focusing on Jewish and Israeli populations to Christian and other Faiths.

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Thank you Keith for this AMAZING information. Will be putting this into practice. A.S.A.P.

God Bless Brother!

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