I recently joined our church's security team after this incident. Always carried anyway, but I joined the team. I mentioned that we need someone in the parking lot in their vehicle with a rifle to watch for attackers and ready to go, and someone in the balcony/sound booth with a rifle. Both ideas were met with scoffs and 'That'll never happen'. My conclusion is that a few private citizens with a walkie talkie and a concealed handgun gives the leadership all the illusion of security they are looking for.

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Even before the twelve apostles realized that Jesus was the Son of God, the demons in the possessed man knew who he was. They feared being sent back to Hell. Remember that the fallen angels actually experienced and witnessed God and rebelled against him anyway. Do you think they have buyers remorse?

Look around you in the world today. We have forgotten how to discern

demons, now they are "everywhere".

Remember what Jesus said to Pilot?

My kingdom is not of this world.

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Something important to note here. We are not getting the complete story. If anyone remembers, Hale said in her suicide note (not this diary, this is NOT a manifesto) that she "left all the evidence behind".

What is important to understand the motive behind all this is what drove her to this point? She was a lesbian before she started to identify as "trans" (whatever that is). There is only 1 SINGLE source of what I believe to be the actual motive. There was a scandal at the Covenant school many years ago, the story is now buried, but I found it. This is a hard pill to swallow for some, but that scandal surrounded the sexual assault of a 14 year old girl by one of the church elders. Hale would have been 14 at the time of that event when she attended that school. As I stated, this was covered up hugely. And it has NEVER been mentioned in any of the media except 1 source. So if we want to get to the root of the problem look there. The trauma she likely suffered at the hands of school staff, church elders, her parents, and her peers was likely the catalyst that triggered her to becoming a lesbian, and fueled further by the administration of SSRI drugs as a result of this trauma. John Noveske wrote an article in 2013 drawing the link of mass shooters to SSRI drugs. Seemingly, 2 days later he died in a car "accident". In short, the medical and Pharmaceutical industrial complex is responsible for this manipulation and creation of this monster. I have tried to tell many about this scandal but no one seems to want to listen and air it to the public. DO NOT misconstrue what I am saying here. I am not defending evil. But where is the REAL evil in all this?

As for Hale's itinerary, its clear she had training. What regular person knows how to plan something like this as was notated? Where did she get her Firearms training? Where did she get her planning training? Why have we not seen the rest of the diary(s)? Why leak it out slowly? What was the evidence she left behind? Its in those diaries.

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Ironic that schools help children change sexes and now that has come around on them full circle here, yet it didnt even slow them down. Did anyone else notice the radical changes in handwriting between those notes? Almost as if it were 2 different people

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This chick used a Keltec Sub-2000. Not sure what caliber since they all look the same. That doesn’t meet the Lefts narrative of the evil AR15. I had a Sub2K chambered in Glock 40cal. It’s an interesting design and very compact but not exactly something you’d go to war with. All I can say is thank God she did not use an AR as it’s possible this could have been much worse. God Bless.

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What this girl was not taught is in Christianity, vengeance belongs to the Lord, not us. But through her writings she justifies her violence as something that the Lord approves of so it takes away all her "anxieties". If only children were educated in Jesus you would not have this kind of mindset.

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For what it's worth Udemy.com has a couple of Intelligence Analysis courses that may be helpful for those without formal training. They are on sale for $15.00. They go on sale frequently. I've taken a few courses from them and overall the courses have been good. (Even at my old age I learn things 😃)

I've been in LE since 1977 and have performed threat assessments at universities, when threat assessments were unheard of.

While churches, schools and universities are statistically very safe, they are highly visible targets.

Al-queda is actively running terrorist training camps in Afghanistan that are providing training to ISIS and other terrorist groups. With our open Southern Border letting millions in, people in the know opine that there will be another "911" type attack.


Keep up the good work.


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Just read Audrey Hale's notes. It's very sobering to see how she (and I presume, all active shooters) was specifically on the lookout for security. Makes me realize that we have a serious responsibility for the safety of our fellow church attendees. The chances we will actually face an active shooter may be low, but that is no excuse to take our roles in church security lightly. I certainly won't

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Watch for HPA (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal) Axis dysregulation in children when they are young. HPA Axis is the fight, flight, comply reflex that we all have.

It's dysregulation happens when the neural tracks are being formed and the mother and child are under a lot of stress. This starts at about 18 weeks gestation when the neural tracks in the brain are being formed. These are primitive neural responses. If the child is born into a stressful environment thest neural tracks form without the primary connection to the prefrontal cortex of the brain.

The prefrontal cortex is inhibitory to the HPA Axis response to stress. Normally as we get grow and learn about out environment, we start using the PFC to slow down the HPA Axis reposponce.

These people, many with PTSD, ADHD and other neurological problems, don't allow the PFC to act as a inhibitor to this neurological reflex.

The incidence of occurrence appears to be increasing.

Little Johnny will be asked to pick up his logos and will go off the rails. When he does calm down, when asked, "Why?" they will respond "I don't know." Without going into the neurologial complexities, there is a short circuit in the brain where the stimulas causes the fight, flight, freeze or comply response automatically with the PFC being out of the decision loop.

Counseling can help these kids before they become dangerous, but it needs to be someone with good outcomes with PTSD in the age group.

Some people are just too far gone and nothing will help them.

There has been some good functional MRI studies on people with PTSD, that may help in the future.

I would guess, that this young lady had some severe HPA Axis dysregulation. But not knowing her clinical and social history makes it difficult to evaluate her mental decay.

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So heartbreaking to read such evil clearly planned out honestly the first responders to this seige really saved lives that day I can imagine the PTSD that is left in the wake of this sickening tragedy by both survivors and law enforcement blessed be ✨💖✨

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I believe they didn't want to release that note because of the words: crackers and especially faggots. Her anger and hate was based on race and socioeconomic status. I don't believe she hated gays but rather just used the word to mean something that is not on the higher masculine end. As a transexual she used a word that is considered hate speech by the community she is lumped into. That was too much to allow it to be openly shared by the legacy media.

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Nov 8, 2023·edited Nov 8, 2023

I mean no disrespect but why try to bring politics and racism into this? This shooter had nothing to do with politics so why even say her note was "a left leaning racist rant"? It had nothing to do with race (she/he was white), the Democrats nor Republicans. If anything, she or he did this all because of the way "Fake" Christians had treated her/him growing up while attending a Christian school, due to their gender identity crisis. The Bible tells us to love thy neighbor and Jesus only talked about love and acceptance. So please tell me why so many so-called Christians are doing the complete opposite towards the LGBTQ+ Community? And no, I am not gay but a straight woman who identifies as a woman, so no LGBTQ+ agenda here by me making that statement. I am a Christian, American, Woman who is so tired of this unnecessary political garbage. The political parties are unnecessary and we should do away with them since they are only destroying our country, by dividing Americans and pitying us against one another, instead of helping us come together as a whole just like Jesus would want us to do as Christians. WWJD, What Would Jesus Do? Not act hateful towards one another but love and accept each other as is ❤️

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Illuminati payed actors

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Ever since I watched the CCTV footage of the assailant shooting through the door I make sure I position myself where I can see 3 of four doors with ease at my station in kid's church.

Our bus drivers all have radios but I don't know if they've been trained or not to spot stuff.

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