I have a question as a congregation member. I was sitting next to a couple who were doing very odd behaviors during service. The woman ( maybe Philippine ?) was videoing the entire service by hand holding her phone, she slowly panned the sanctuary once in awhile. Also videoed people in back of her ~ slowly panning from time to time throughout an hour long service. She didn’t once take her ohone down. Even videoed the man providing the Lords supper, she didn’t put the ohone down during that time as well. Twice she out the video straight on me ( I was sitting one empty chair between me and her husband.). He looked like Vietnam Vet era age. He wore a tourist like Hawaiian patterned long shorts, had a black leather satchel strapped cross ways on his shoulder. He had a black ear piece type device in his left ear. I’m not sure, I think he had oxygen breathing tubes ( which I was thinking maybe the black bag held the machine?) when the lady turned her phone to video a young mom taking her baby out the side door~ that….. really bothered me. So either she/ they are just very socially inept, or… could this behavior be a dangerous sign of someone videoing to cause harm

In some way? This is the first I’d seen them at our church. I asked them after service if they were visitors? They said since the summer snd they were going to join the church. All week, I’ve had an uneasy feeling about them. Woke up concerned about this… so goodies surveillance and found your site. I love having security at our church. I do know one in the team…. I’m just embarrassed to sound like I’m tattling 😑. With this info I’ve given you, do you have advice for me? Thank you~

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It is odd behavior. You should definitely tell the security team. If it were in the team, we’d pull video surveillance and distribute their photo. If they can back, we’d assign a person to sit behind them to monitor them in case something happens we could end it quickly.

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