Based on very limited information it does not appear that the use of deadly forces was appropriate. Harris County most likely will take charges against the shooter.

The Texas Penal Code codifies the legal use of "Deadly Force" and as described, this fails to even come close to meeting the legal justification.

Texas has very liberal deadly force statutes, deadly force may be used to stop "criminal mischief at nighttime."

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We live in dangerous times. And sometimes...over thinking can end badly as well. i.e. someone may end up going home in a box. The remedy is:

1. ABC

2. Practice

3. Practice

4. More Practice

5. Pray...every day.

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The individual was holding a "vape stick" and was shot. I have many concerns and questions about this.

Texas EquuSearch is not a Law Enforcement Agency. They provide search and rescue assistance to LEO's. Why were they called or notified for this issue? What level of training did the individual have?

Why was an unarmed person shot? Will I be shot next because I am holding something in my hands? Something a reckless person may deem a threat prior to verifying that threat?

This is more concerning than anything.

We as security have an obligation to hold ourselves to a much higher standard.

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