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Good information but I would like to add GMRS does require a license and the radios you recommend are actually less watts then most GMRS radios(5 watts some channels with a hand held). 4 watts is plenty though for most needs so no big deal. I 100% agree your own frequency and a license is the best choice.

On the other hand a person can take a baofeng and still find your frequency and figure out your privacy tone and interfere with you.

GMRS and ham radio you can't use encryption. Business licenses you can use encryption with digital radios. That though also can be monitored with the right scanner though. I have used the Baofeng a little and I can hit a repeater 40 miles away with an external antenna 25 feet up. For having one at the house for emergency use they would work but our purposes they are not a great choice. A digital radio on a business license might be the best choice if privacy is a concern most people will not know how to monitor you. They still work on VHF/UHF.

Gmrs License https://www.fcc.gov/wireless/bureau-divisions/mobility-division/general-mobile-radio-service-gmrs

Privacy tones are not private




But they scanners that will decrypt that also.

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